21 April 2016

root any Android device & Intel (ROOT DIGIFLIP XT801/911/901/701/811(4.4.2) kitkat version updated)

Guys I already ROOTED DigiflipXT801 KITKAT 4.4.2 Kernel version 3.10.20
If anyone need help please follow this steps:
1. Download the above mentioned drivers of XT801 from this site. search digiflip et701 drivers on google and you would be XDA DRIVER site
2. ADB mode while running the tablet and FASTBOOT mode while in " DROIDBOOT PROVISION OS" though in this tutorial FASTBOOT mode is not necessary.
3. First enable usb debbuging from tablet and connect to pc, then run CMD as administrator type " ADB DEVICES" once shown exit that because we were just enabling ADB nothing else.
4. Then download "myKIT_BATCHv1.1.x.rar", " myKIT_BATCHv1.1.2d_PATCHKIT.7z", " SDC_INTEL2_ROOTKIT.7z " just search google or post me here I will supply.
5. Extract the first one and put the 2nd and 3rd without extracting to " mykit-downloads " which is inside the first one.
6. then start run-me.bat and close again start it as ADMINISTRATOR.
7. Then " ACCEPT "
8. Then " 1" to select " install / update ADB driver "
9. disconnect your phone driver will install succesfully just ignore any security warning by windows 7
10. Again coonect your tablet and " run-me.bat" as ADMINITRATOR.
12. SLECT "2" this time myKIT_BATCH v1.1.2d
13. Select " A1 " ROOT KITS
14. Slect " 2" SDC_INTEL2_ROOTKIT
15. Select " R2" root with super SU installation
16. Type " ACCEPT "
17. The process begins and ends within seconds or minutes and you will have SuperSU that is ROOT enabled
18. Dont do anything tablet will reboot autumatically
20. Also check root with terminal emulator by entering "su" from $ to #
21. Finally enjoy ###########################